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Saturday, March 1, 2008


Saturday, April 21, 2007

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Category: Writing and Poetry

I received this today from my wonderful & loving friend Daisy.....she wrote it for me & Bennett and I want to share it with you all.....

Enjoy....& have a wonderful weekend

his name is baby Bennett,
Bennett Chadlen Roy
God gave us a miracle
when he gave us this baby boy

he put up a battle,
trying to win the fight
little baby Bennett,
such a precious sight

everyone around him
showered him with love
we all knew God was watching
protecting from above

angels came to get him
to put him in a place
where he can safely watch us all,
with his baby face

it's sad he had to leave us
he'll always be a baby boy
in his short time here,
he filled our hearts with joy

i wish i could have known him,
seen him,touched him, hold him...

he didnt go because he wanted to
he just went to watch us all
God had a special plan for him,
he had to answer the call

little baby Bennett
is the thunder when it rains
he went to watch his mommy
and take away her pain

he rests upon your shoulder,
he resides within your heart
and when your sad and lonely,
he's with you in the dark

he's never very far from you
saying "please my mom dont cry"
even though im not with you
im still your precious little guy

i'll always think of Bennett
when i hear the thunder loud
i'll say a little prayer for him
and tell him he made his mother proud

please dont cry too much mom,
you'll be with him someday
you'll see him in heaven
he just cleared the way

little baby Bennett
"Nimkee" Chadlen Roy
you are such a precious
little baby boy

please send us some thunder
we miss you alot
go rest on moms shoulder
and stay within her heart

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