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Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 21, another update

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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It's that time again. Bennett is behaving himself wonderfully!

We saw the doc this morning, and everything is going ok. My fluid levels have not dropped anymore since last week, so that is great news.

I am to see the doc again on Monday as he wants to keep a closer eye on him now to enable me to deliver a healthy baby boy.

Last evening I attended a workshop at Mt. Sinai where Bennett is to be born. It was a presentation about ventilators, respiratory therapy, etc.......

It was very informative and I am glad I went. It is so much better to be as prepared as one can be prior to such a nervewracking delivery situation such as ours is going to be.

We only have 6 more days until my due date, but the docs still have no plans to deliver on a specific date. We are going to allow Bennett to decide his own nature intended. He is as stubborn as his mom!

I had a wonderful visit with my boys over the last weekend. It is so strange to be here now without Tanner, but I know he is well cared for and happy to be with his grandma and brothers again. I will see them again soon as I believe my mom will bring them back to see me following Bennett's arrival. The boys will not likely get to see their baby brother, but I will get to see them and that is what matters the most to me right now.

I have been keeping busy......time is going by so quickly here.

Hurry up spring! has been cold way too long!

All our love to you wonderful followers, supporters, friends.......

Melissa, Bennett & family

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