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Friday, March 27, 2009


~Breaking the silence of the taboo subject of Infant Loss~

~The background music was written and recorded by Bennett-Chadlen's father, Chadlen. He wrote the guitar portion while he was in the NICU, and this is what our sweet boy heard as he drifted away in our arms.....this montage captures our final moments together. Viewer discretion is advised. I realize that many of you may not understand why a family might want these photos, but they're all we have to hold onto.

~I share this with's your choice whether you view it or not. Upon viewing, you will understand what we went through....please show compassion to any grieving mothers that you know. Even if you don't have words, a tender touch is enough.

~I'm here to break the many like me don't have to feel so alone.

~We will never forget, and we want you to always remember.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

~Meet Nathan~A Trisomy 13 Survivor

~Nathan is a beautiful little boy, living with Trisomy 13.  He is living proof that this chromosomal condition isn't always "incompatible with life".  

Please watch this video, and for more information, check out Nathan's web album at this url:

~Thank you Amanda, for allowing me to share your gorgeous wee boy, and his loving, blessed family with so many.  XXOO

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


~To All My Very Special Mommy Friends: This song goes out to you, and all of our children. I do believe in angels, and I do have a dream!

~That all of our children shall be viewed as UNIQUE & PRECIOUS, regardless of the package that they come in....regardless of the # of chromosomes or karyotype.

~Please help us in our goal to make the world ~*~INDIFFERENT TO DIFFERENCE~*~for Kiernan & Nimkee.....and all the rest of our special babies, who truly are born closer to God and mere perfection than any of us could ever become...xxoo