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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Could be last update before Bennett's arrival

Monday, March 26, 2007

Current mood: anxious
Category: Life

Hello all,

I saw my doc this afternoon and he says things are progressing well. Infact, he thinks I may deliver in the next 24 hrs. He did try and help that along, and so far I have been having regular contractions since then, but they are not increasing in frequency or duration, so I don't think anything is about to happen in the next hour or two........

I need some sleep first!

Anyway, he also told me to bring my suitcase with me to my next appointment on Wednesday morning as he will be sending me to the hospital site to have my labor induced.

So, at the latest.......Wednesday is the day!

Wish me luck......rub the rabbit's foot.....pray!!!!!! OR whatever it is that you do for luck!

Thanks again & again for all your luv and support,

Melissa & Bennett :O)

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