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Saturday, March 1, 2008

INTRODUCING eldest son's new project

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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Well here we are again......another week gone by so quickly!

I want you all to check out Brendan's new myspace for his baby brother Bennett....he was finally successful in getting it posted...after trying for days!

anyway.....i know he would love it if any of you readers out there could friend request would really make his day.

He is 20 years old now....old enough to really understand what is going on here with this little precious cargo that i am carrying.

He was the first one to find out I was pregnant....because he came running when he heard me crying and behaving hysterically when I got the results that morning so long ago!

He drove me 8 hours north to find Chadlen...Bennett's he was cycling to far away places unaware that he had left something behind while he was here for our little romp in July!

You want to see someone surprised...he had been cycling for 2 weeks.....and we drove to where he was in a day! was so funny to see the look of surprise on his face when he came over the top of the hill and saw us sitting on the side of the Trans-Canada highway waiting for him!

The look on his face when I told him the real reason I was there! It was priceless!

So this great kid of mine has been through thick and thin with me.....for many, many years now.

I am so proud of him...despite the things he did during those teen years....but oh one is perfect!

So now he has this plan to raise awareness for Trisomy 13....for his unborn baby brother.

How awesome is that?

This can happen to anyone....but let's hope that none of you are ever faced with this situation.

Right now I am filled with the most intense love I have ever experienced.....and the greatest heartache ever.....all at the same time.

Brendan is working to write some music I write this.....he is also recruiting some friends who want to help him with this.

Bennett is touching so many lives now before he is even born....may his legacy live on!

So give it a view....there is not much there yet....but hopefully soon......

the thought is what matters the most!

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