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Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Daily Prayer....

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Current mood: crushed
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

"Thank you God for giving me Bennett-Chadlen,
and all my beautiful boys....

Thank you God for giving me this wonderful day, and for helping me to get through another day...

I pray for Peace,
and Comfort,
in the knowledge that Bennett-Chadlen is safe and happy in your presence,
and the presence of his family members which have gone before him...

I pray that Bennett-Chadlen surrounds me today,
I pray that I feel His energy around me...

I pray that Bennett-Chadlen can hear me when I speak to Him,
and that He will help to provide his Mommy & Daddy with the comforts we need to heal our broken-hearts;
and that we can get through these days ahead capable of remaining friends,
in honor of Bennett-Chadlen's precious memory...

I pray for all the other mommy's & daddy's that are missing their children,
I pray for the mommy's & daddy's that are waiting for their precious babies to be born....and that they make it safely to their parents loving arms....
I pray for the precious babies that are fighting for their lives...that they are free of pain and suffering.......and that should they also pass, they are able to do so in the loving arms of their parents that love them so much.

I pray for everybody,
that need you today Lord,
for none of us are without our needs.

I pray that one day you will bless my family with the Love & Tenderness that we deserve,
a life free of heartache & pain,
free of abuse & addictions,
free of struggles & sorrows...

I pray for the ability to provide my children with the family life that they deserve,
so that they may grow up knowing how to love & provide safety & tenderness for families of their own one day.

I pray for the strength & courage that I need to make it through this day,
the knowledge to know who to trust,
and the ability to love & trust when that opportunity presents itself.

I pray that Bennett-Chadlen's daddy finds the happiness he is looking for...
that he reaches his goals...
that you also give him the strength & comfort that he deserves....
and that Bennett-Chadlen looks over him and lets him know that he is near, never more than a heartbeat away.

Thank you for my many wonderful friends....
whose love & support I cherish more than words can express.
Watch over them and keep them safe.

This is my daily prayer...

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