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Saturday, July 24, 2010


~Today was my first official fundraiser for my *~*NIMKEE BLESSINGS*~* Project Sweet Peas project. I have to say without a doubt that doing this in honour and memory of my sweet boy Bennett-Chadlen really did wonders for my grieving/healing heart.

I could feel his presence surrounding us today as I shared all about him, Project Sweet Peas, and our mission to help provide comfort and support items to other families with babies in the NICU, to let them know that they're not alone. All of the project leaders with this wonderful, compassionate organization know what it's like to have a child born under extraordinary circumstances. We come from a background of 'hands-on' knowledge of what it feels like to see your newborn child rushed into the NICU, instead of being placed into your waiting arms.

I held an impromptu yardsale/fundraiser to help me to purchase the items for my gift-bags which will be donated to the families in the Hospital for Sick Children NICU. This is where Bennett-Chadlen lived his entire 8 days.

I wanted my son's legacy to live on through my desire to comfort grieving families, and hope to create a 'ripple effect' that shall shine on through my children's lives as well. Bennett-Chadlen is with us always, and we aim to do him proud.

For more information about Nimkee Blessings, or Project Sweet Peas, feel free to check out the links provided above, or contact me here and I'll get back to you asap.

If you, or someone you know would like to donate items for me to sell for my fundraiser, please feel free to drop them off, or I can arrange for pick-up if need be.

Gchi-miigwech to all of you that have provided us with so much love, comfort, and prayers of peace and strength as we make our way through this healing journey.

Love, Peace, & Nimkee Blessings to you and yours,
Melissa & family

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