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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am proud to say that I completed this logo and it came out exactly how I had pictured it in my mind. I did have a little bit of help colouring in the halo from my friend Denise because I had never made any form of graphic image before and I had no idea what I was doing!! Thanks Denise!

Now I am ready to get started on the business end of things and plan my fundraiser to purchase or receive donations of items which are needed and much appreciated! For further information you may reply by comment here, or email me at

More information about Project Sweet Peas may be found at this link:

Nimkee's story may be found here:

If you are on facebook you may become a fan of my page at this link:

I look forward to hearing from you. Feedback is welcome!!!

Love, Peace, & Nimkee Blessings,
Melissa xxoo

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