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Saturday, April 5, 2008

From Beverly.....gchi-miigwech!


  1. I dont have much to say I started crying. Now I know what my baby brother would of said I never got the chance to see him inside my moms womb and when my mom told me that she aborted i felt like a burden.

  2. Sandra, if you read this, please feel free to send me an email at I am so very sorry that you feel this way. I wish there was something I could say or do to take the hurt away. Please know that I am here for you....always.

    Love, Peace, and Nimkee blessings,

  3. oh my goodness. this is so very sad. I have a brand new baby that was just born. I am looking for angel pictures because my mother-in-law just passed *cry* but this place amazed me and I had to leave a comment. God bless if anyone needs support

  4. The sun shines bright in the morning sky,
    and the moon twinkles with the blink of an eye.
    Life comes and goes like the moon and the sun
    and this life was ushered to the heavens by only one.

    God took this child under his arm,
    to bring him joy and keep him from harm.
    Life is a precious commodity,
    but the pain of losing a loved one is such a reality.

    The Lord has blessed us all upon this day,
    with a new little star above us to stay.
    Forever and a day will this star be shining,
    twinkling like a silver lining.

    The life we lost gains us a guardian,
    a guardian angel that watches all over the land.
    The love we all share with this passing,
    shall bring us more words to sing

    As we look upon God for answers, we wonder and ask why me?
    But that answer comes from within your own heart,
    God blessed this child with a life of guardianship
    and our newest Guardian Angel.

    I know what you most be feeling is terreble but just know that we are with you and wish you the best for you and your family

  5. wow, this website is so great i was looking for a little baby picture because my best friend just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and when i started reading i remembered my little baby sister and how my mom felt about her death. her death hurt me so much i was just about to turn 3 when she died but now i know that god needed her to look after us....

  6. Hi, i am 22 and i just lost my baby boy two weeks ago. I named him Angel Carrillo. I was 22 weeks when it happened. At first he was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 but it turned out he had Trisomy 9. it has been very tough to cope with and i have an empty feeling in my heart. i find myself crying at night asking myself why this happened. I do believe hes my little Angel watching over me from heaven. i feel very empty and wish i could've hold him in my arms hear him cry see him smile and many more things. i think ur blogs and poems are wonderful.i am sorry for ur loss. God bless.

  7. Hi my name is lily im 26 years old and with in the past year I lost my grandmother, my mother and my daughter all in our year in the mist of that i lost my self. In this month on october 25th my daughter would have been a year old, she was named after my mother natalia raquel.This month is very difficult to me and i just want to thank you for posting these beutiful poems because they bring some comfert and ease to my heart.It feels like thrue your poems my daugthter speaks to me. Thank you! Lily

  8. there are no words to express the feeling i have right now... i am speachless... i lost my baby girl in august. theres nothing i can say to explain anything. and this song fits perfectly! "Homesick- Mercy Me" Thankyou so much for this website. it helps so much... and to my baby arleigh matteah, i love you so much baby and i will see you soon. and finally be able to hold you and kiss you... i miss you so much baby.

  9. aloha sweetie,
    we just lost a little one this morning. My nephews baby boy just made 2 months old and suffocated while he slept. He leaves behind a heartbroken hearted mom, dad, sister and many more 'ohana (family). Thank you for this site, it brings comfort but is very hard to read about all the heartache. We know that he is now an angel and with the Lord now but the loss is so very overwhelming. God Bless you for sharing and for allowing other to share in their grief as well. Gods Blessings always!!

  10. Am 30 and lost my baby boy in NICU. He was born little past 7 months and lived a short life. Never got to touch him. Saw him only once. Beautiful Baby. Am writing a blog for him here:

    I don't know when I will see him again.

  11. Just wanted to say that your poems are so moving and so meaningful and so true!


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